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The last year has offered many challenges for marketing your business. Communicating many safety protocols alongside existing promotional messages has left some high street businesses with little or no window space for customers to see inside!

In an increasingly digital age, we have less and less time to capture potential customers, so many businesses are turning to digital signage to inform, increase engagement and tidy up their customer-facing displays.

What is digital signage used for?

Digital signage can be used in many ways. As a straightforward advertising solution with a screen displaying what your company does, or as an interactive experience inside your business to engage, upsell and inform your customers to find your products quickly.

Technology can help you stand out from your competitors, emphasising what makes your products and services different from the business next door. In the right location, it can also provide eye-catching 'valuetainment' 24 hours a day to promote your business.

What can you advertise?

The flexibility of digital signage software is the key to its success. If your business demands, you can change messages throughout the day to capture lunch-hour traffic, daily promotions and out-of-hours messages. For those with multiple branches, you can easily ensure your marketing messages are communicated exactly how you envisioned and tweak regional variations.

Easy lead generation

Interactive digital signage can also offer the opportunity to collect voluntary information from your customer base in return for offers, exclusive content or free services. This touch screen option can prove to be more successful than the traditional sales techniques of a member of staff with a form to complete and can also operate 24 hours a day unaided.

Keep it simple

As in traditional print advertising, the best options offer helpful, interesting content that promotes your brand, products and services offered without overloading your viewers with lots of text and bright images. Provide your customers with useful information on your latest offers and promotions with a call to action and an incentive to gain those precious leads.

Digital signage displays can elevate your business with a clean advertising and marketing solution that can help you convert more potential customers into long-term clients.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make it the best one you can.

At Gemini, we can offer a wide range of digital signage options with hardware and software tailored to your specific needs and industry. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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