We work in an increasingly digital world, and as the working environment changes, so too do the threats. At Gemini, we pride ourselves on being able to equip our customers with the tools and knowledge to protect their data and systems.

In an environment where security threats are constantly evolving, you can rely upon our multi-layered cybersecurity solutions to protect your business from anything.

Vulnerability Scanning

We understand that the safety of your digital infrastructure is just as essential as that of your business premises and its equipment. That is why we offer a vital Vulnerability Scanning service to our customers, to ensure they remain protected from the ever-evolving digital threat of cyber criminals.

Whilst we do offer a one-off service, it is our professional recommendation to perform a check anywhere between once to three times a month. This would enable us to identify any potential vulnerabilities or threats and patch anything that might result in a data breach or worse.

Cyber Security Training

When it comes to cyber security awareness, knowledge is power. At Gemini, we partner with Hornet Security to deliver a Security Awareness Service that covers only what you need to know. So depending on your business and role, the service you receive is unique to you. That means no time wasted.

With a fully automated Awareness Engine at the heart of this service, you can learn as more or as little as you’d like. You will also receive automatic updates on any new learning content that might be appropriate for you and your business.

Internet Filtering and Monitoring

Unlock new levels of productivity and online security with our powerful internet filtering tool which can be seamlessly deployed across PCs, laptops and even iPads and and iPhones. Designed to meet the strict requirements of the Department for Education (DFE), its benefits extend far beyond internet filtering in schools. It is also ideal for commercial and hospitality sectors where networks and services are accessed by a wider group of people.

Join us in creating a safe digital environment for all users.

Cyber essentials certified

As a Cyber Essentials Certified provider through IASME, our team of cyber security experts is equipped to share their Cyber Security knowledge with you. This gives you the power to gain your own Cyber Essentials Certification, along with all the benefits. With multiple tiers available, you can even receive free Cyber Insurance, granting your business an added layer of protection.

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